Our Menu

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Daily Specials

We’ve cooked up specials for each day of the week!

Buy any family-size (16") pizza, get an order of garlic cheese bread for ONLY 4.00

Dine-In Special: Large (14") one-topping pizza, order of garlic cheese bread and a pitcher of soda for 29.95

Delivery Special: Family-size (16") one-topping pizza and an order of garlic cheese bread for 27.95

Any large (14") two-topping pizza for 19.65

Build-your-own family-size (16") three-topping pizza for 25.05

Build-your-own family-size (16") three-topping pizza for 25.75

*Not valid in combination with any other coupon or offer.

Award-Winning Pizza

Our pizzas are made with our secret dough and sauce recipes developed more than 66 years ago, with perfectly-aged mozzarella and the freshest, high quality ingredients. A tradition passed down for generations by Grandpa Sam.

Gluten-friendly Crust available on 12" for 2.50 more.
Gluten-friendly Cauliflower Crust available on 12" for 3.00 more.
Please allow extra time for these options. Please note these are not made in a 100% gluten-free environment.

Sizes: Small (10”), Medium (12”), Large (14”), Family-size (16”)

Additional Toppings
Sausage, Pepperoni, Kosher Salami, Beef, Canadian Bacon, Breakfast Bacon, Diced Chicken, Shrimp*, Anchovies*, Cheddar Cheese, Onions, Green Olives, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Pineapple, Jalapenos, Banana Peppers, Spinach, Extra Cheese

*Shrimp and Anchovies dependent on distributor availability. 

Mozzarella Cheese
9.50, 13.85, 17.35, 21.10

Half Topping
.65, .80, 1.10, 1.30

Full Topping
1.25, 1.60, 2.15, 2.55

Extra Toppings
1.25, 1.60, 2.15, 2.55

Sammy’s Special
Sausage, onions and green peppers.
12.00, 16.00, 20.50, 24.75

Crew Special
Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and extra cheese.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Hawaiian Special
Canadian bacon and pineapple.
12.00, 16.00, 20.50, 24.75

Veggie Special
Mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black and green olives, and tomatoes.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Primo Special
Loaded with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and Italian sausage.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

House Special
Beef, kosher salami, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, sausage, pepperoni and mozzarella.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Pizza Bianco
Basted with garlic butter and three kinds of cheese.
12.00, 16.00, 20.50, 24.75

Mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, Romano and Parmesan cheeses.
12.00, 16.00, 20.50, 24.75

Taco Pizza
Seasoned beef, cheeses, lettuce and tomatoes. Onions upon request.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Four-Meat Pizza
Pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon and beef.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Cheeseburger Pizza
Seasoned beef, cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Onions upon request.
12.85, 16.95, 22.20, 26.50

Pesto Pizza
Basted with pesto and topped with sliced tomatoes, provolone and mozzarella cheese.
12.85, 16.95, 22.20, 26.50

Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Our delicious Alfredo sauce covered with diced chicken, Parmesan, Romano and mozzarella cheese.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza
Basted with ranch dressing and covered with breakfast bacon, diced chicken and mozzarella cheese.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Basted with BBQ sauce and covered with chicken, banana peppers, cheddar cheese, onions and mozzarella cheese.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Basted with Buffalo sauce and topped with diced chicken, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Served with your choice of ranch or bleu cheese.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Nick Special
Basted with garlic butter sauce and covered with diced chicken, spinach, tomatoes and breakfast bacon, topped with Parmesan cheese.
13.95, 17.95, 23.70, 28.70

Double Thick Pizza
Same dough but twice as thick for a small additional charge.
1.25, 1.60, 2.15, 2.55


Our Famous Garlic Cheese Bread - 7.95
French bread with a garlic butter glaze, loaded with mozzarella and broiled to perfection. Served with our family recipe spaghetti sauce.

Garlic Bread - 6.95
Served with our family recipe spaghetti sauce.

Godfather Special - 9.50
Two homemade meatballs or Italian sausages with our family recipe spaghetti sauce and cheese bread.

New York-Style Breadsticks - 10.95
Glazed with garlic butter and served with our family recipe spaghetti sauce.

Pizza Bread - 9.95
With your choice of any one topping. (Excludes sausage) Extra toppings 1.00 each.

Pesto Bread - 10.95
Garlic bread with pesto sauce, tomatoes, provolone, Parmesan and Romano cheeses.

Five Cheeser Bread - 9.95
Mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, Romano and Parmesan cheese, served with our family recipe spaghetti sauce.


Side Combination Salad - 7.95
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese.

Side Caesar Salad - 7.95
Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed with shredded Parmesan, croutons and Caesar Dressing.

House Salad - 13.95
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pepperoni, green peppers, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, served with your choice of dressing.

Dressing Choices: French, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Caesar, House Vinegar and Oil

Extra side of dressing - .50

Authentic Italian Pastas

Add a side combination salad or side Caesar salad for 3.00 more.

Spaghetti or Rigatoni - 13.95
Choice of pasta, two homemade meatballs or spicy Italian sausage, and our family recipe spaghetti sauce. Served with garlic bread.

Fettuccine Alfredo - 14.95
Our creamy Alfredo sauce with fresh garlic and ground pepper. Served with garlic bread.
Add chicken for 2.00 more.

Fettuccine Pesto - 13.95
Fettuccine topped with a creamy basil, garlic and Parmesan sauce. Served with garlic bread.

Cheese Tortellini - 14.95
Pasta stuffed with a blend of ricotta, Parmesan and Romano cheeses, covered with our family recipe spaghetti sauce. Includes two meatballs or spicy Italian sausages and garlic bread.

Kid's Spaghetti (12 and younger) - 6.95
Served with one homemade meatball and our family recipe spaghetti sauce.

Additional Items
  Homemade Meatball 
- 2.00/ea.
  Spicy Italian Sausage - 2.00/ea.
  Family Recipe Spaghetti Sauce (to-go Quart) - 6.50


8" Pizza Cookie - 7.00
Brownie or chewy chocolate chunk. 


Pop (Free Refill) - 2.95
Pitcher of Pop - 7.95
Mug of 1919 Root Beer (Refills Extra) - 5.00
Coffee - 2.45
Hot Tea - 2.45
Kid's Beverage - 1.95

We offer Coke products, 1919 Root Beer and bottled water to-go!

Frozen Pizzas (12")

Made with our family recipe spaghetti sauce and fresh ingredients. Available to-go or with delivery when you order 4 or more! 

Pepperoni - 11.50
Sausage - 11.50
Double Cheese - 11.50
Sammy's Special - 11.50
Pepperoni & Sausage - 11.50